Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health
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Children and Mental Health Services: Things to Consider

  • Children should have access to a comprehensive array of services that address the child’s physical, emotional, social and educational needs
  • Children should receive individualized services according to their unique needs.
  • Children should receive services within the least restrictive environment.
  • The family, no matter how defined should be a full participant in all aspects of the planning and delivery of services to their child.
  • Children and their families should receive services that link all their care-givers together for complete and informed treatment.
  • Children should be insured smooth transitions to the adult service system as they reach maturity.
  • The rights of children should be protected, and effective advocacy efforts for children and youth should be promoted.
  • Children should receive services without regard to race, religion, natural origin, sex, physical disability, or other characteristics, and services should be sensitive and responsive to cultural differences and special needs.


















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