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Does my family need mental health services?


We expect that in our lifetimes we will need to see health providers such as:
a Dentist, a Medical Doctor a Surgeon.


The need for mental health providers may be no different. In fact, our need for mental health care can be just as real as a toothache and just as treatable.


This pamphlet is provided to help you in accessing Mental Health Services in your region of Wyoming. These services might include screening and evaluation, early intervention, school modifications, individual and family counseling, day treatment programs, inpatient or residential programs, and parent training or skills building.


The important thing to remember is that mental disorders are treatable. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. The road toward mental wellness for your family begins with YOU.

























Cheyenne- (307) 778-8686

Toll Free-(800) 492-3199



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