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Your Support is Needed

UPLIFT needs your financial support to continue services for children with special healthcare needs.

Families that include children with special healthcare needs often face challenges that most families could never imagine; a sense of failure, of frustration, disappointment, unrealized dreams, stigma, discrimination, isolation from other families, and constant family strife to name just a few. Families also face the challenge of finding appropriate supports and services. 

A parent from Jackson recently wrote, “I have been involved in four states and three years with children’s mental health issues as a parent. Your organization is by far the most professional, knowledgeable and informative organization I have been involved with. Your conferences are top notch at providing information and training to both parents and professionals.  The support I have received from your staff regarding IEP’s and school related services has been excellent. We have made more improvements to our family life in the past year due to the dedication and support of your fine staff. There is nothing UPLIFT cannot do and do well.”

Annually, UPLIFT is able to make a positive difference for 600-800 children and their families. Your tax deductible donation in any amount will help to ensure a continued and even increasing level of service and support available to families across the state. We believe Wyoming’s children are the state’s greatest resource and we want them all to enjoy a successful future. Won’t you please join the UPLIFT team by becoming a Supporting Partner through your tax deductible donation?  Your gift will make a difference!


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3701 Ridge Road
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